9780980943245-paperback-cover-copyWhen It Starts to Hurt
When life starts to hurt, what do you do?

Do you let the pain destroy you or do you become stronger and conquer it?

Come take this bittersweet journey with Rama, as she examines emotions we are often told to ignore—our ability to feel, understand and deal with pain.

When It Starts to Hurt is composed of three parts that explore how we talk about (or never talk about) death, addiction, mental illness, and harmful relationships.

No topic is too sensitive, or taboo, as Rama challenges the idea of normality and formality, with blunt, laconic and poignant poems.


When It Comes to Love, see all the sides of love…

From the brilliance of first love to the bitterness and sorrow of the breakup, the contemplative question arises, “Is love worth the risk?”

Read Rama’s take on love with her engaging poems. Experience that first high when your eyes meet and the darkness of despair when that person walks away.

Decide for yourself if love is worth the risk!

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