Yes, it’s true, Zircon Press is named after the mineral zircon, you know, the mineral that no one really knows about but yet always ooh and aah over it.

No, no, not zirconium! Although zirconium does come from zircon. After all, it’s one of the best substitutions for diamonds, which is why we like to consider ourselves the jewel of e-publishing. We like to believe that we offer one of the best substitutions for trade publishing in a friendly online environment. But etymologically, we rather like that zircon in Persian means gold coloured.

Zircon Press is a small online independent press that publishes creative electronic books. Zircon Press publishes avant-grade poetry, short story, and memoirs. We are interested in creative indie books.

We publish MOBI, Epub, PDF, txt, and other digital files. We offer our own ebookstore, but also like to use other online bookstore, such as Amazon, Smashword, Chapters, Google, Apple, and Barnes & Nobles.Our books are professionally edited, designed, and packaged for a diverse online readership.Not bored yet? Check out our submission page for our guidelines.